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Independent College: Assignment Help

Resources for planning and reflecting

Assignment Planning Resources

Throughout your time at Independent College you will complete a variety of assignments. Some important points about these assignments are listed below:

  • Assignments are designed to assess your knowledge, skills, and abilities, and keep track of your progress on your course. You will always receive feedback based on your assignments which will also indicate how well you are doing on your course and how you can improve.  
  • Starting an assignment, especially for example if you have never done an essay or literature review, can feel intimidating. It is important not to feel overwhelmed as there are many practical steps you can take to better approach assignment completion at university. The library also directs students to useful resources. 
  • An assignment can be made far more manageable with good planning. One trustworthy approach is to break down any assignment or project into smaller more achievable and or doable sections. 

Some external resources

  1. Planning a project - confused about how to plan or where to begin? This step by step guide can help!
  2. UCC Library - tips and resources on mastering academic writing - several guides for students who want to learn more about academic writing
  3. Learning Academic Writing - pick up some tips to help you on your way!
  4. Finally, check out the submission checklist and FAQ below :)

Reflective Practice: What is it and how can I do it?